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What is a customs broker?

A Person who is licensed by the local customs, after passing an examination that covers a broad range of knowledge including customs law, customs classification, customs tariff schedule, import and export regulations, shipping procedures, trade documentation, etc. He or she acts as a professional-agent for an importer or exporter, prepares and submits all documents for clearing goods through customs, and is paid customs-brokerage.


Why do you need a customs broker?

Well, if you dont want your goods to be stuck in customs for a long time, then having a customs broker represent you, is a good choice. 

Aside from preparing and submitting all the documentation needed to clear your goods from customs, they also have the expertise to know what forms and clearances are needed for your products. They will represent you as your goods move within customs from one department to the next, until your goods are ready to be collected by your forwarders.

So what benefits do you get? 

1. TIME EFFICIENCY – This allows you to focus more on your business and utilise your resources in doing your expertise.

2. GUARANTEED TRANSPARENCY – You are assured that your customs clearances have undergone legal procedures and are supported by authentic documents.

3. LOWER COST VOLATILITY – transparent procedures and computations enable us to see the costing trend of similar shipments which is helpful in doing your advance product costing, unless if incidental charges are applied.



Having us as your broker and forwarder is like hitting two birds with one stone. You can leave it to Klydes Int’l Logistics Inc (KILI) to get your products from point a- to point b. 

  • Processing the customs clearance for your cargo.
  • Preparing all necessary documents needed with the BOC.
  • Preparing the clients’ entry permits, and paying of all related shipping lines and local forwarding charges for cargo releasing.
  • Assisting the clients for the computation of duties and taxes based on customs tariff headings.
  • Delivering the cargo to consignee’s designated warehouse.
  • Monitoring the final payment of consignee’s bank for the duties/taxes.
  • Monitoring final assessment and payments with the Bureau of Customs.

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