Freight Handling within the Philippines

Moving your items from point a to point b, may sound simple, but don’t forget that the Philippines has 7,641 islands according to wikipedia.  You may need to mix your modes of transportation from trucking, to ferry, or to planes.  From loading bays to sea ports, to air ports.  It may sound complicated, but with a lot of proper planning- and the right cargo movers, you can do it. 

Prefering to move your cargo by land and sea can be done using our country’s nautical high way system or to locally the “ro-ro system”, you can find out more about this here.

Prefering to move your cargo by air is also doable by taking advantage of our domestic airports in major islands.   From there you can move your cargo via trucking. For a list of Airports in the Philippines, click here:



Simply put, we do all the steps for you. And we do it properly and ethically, so you dont run into any issues later on.  You can leave it to Klyde’s Int’l Logistics Inc (KILI) to get your products from point a- to point b.

  • Inland Trucking from loading area to unloading area.
  • Credible domestic agents in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to handle cargo forwarding to different parts of the country.
  • Forwarding of various cargo domestically via sea freight or airfreight.
  • Arrange special shipping via barge system.
  • Close monitoring and updates of the cargo status with clients and domestic agents.

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"We handle each Cargo as fragile as Genuine Crystal."