Exporting from the Philippines

Exporting can be both daunting and rewarding. Depending on the quantity and volume of your products- it can be as easy as sending a box or as complicated as filling up a shipping container.

Exporting from the Philippines can be broken down into 2 Components. This is again, aside from contacting your buyer, selling your product, and of course payment. Grouping the processes involved in Exporting to the Philippines, makes it more manageable and doable.

Step 1: Documentation

Securing export accreditation and other permits for your shipment. The permits required may differ from product to product, depending on the commodity you are exporting. The procedures may be as easy as the procedures given by DTI in this link https://www.dti.gov.ph/30-main-content/emb-static/9099-export-procedures.

In summary, you send a proforma invoice for the buyer to sign, collect payment via bank, secure the permits, and then send the shipment.In summary, you send a proforma invoice for the buyer to sign, collect payment via bank, secure the permits, and then send the shipment.

Clearances needed will vary. If your product is for example, fish, you need a clearance from BFAR. For commodities, its a different matter, you can check out this pdf from pca.da.gov.ph.

For a better over-all view of exporting, you can refer to this 2018 Export Guidebook from Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zzfEGrwlXWbaYSrF3zMQU8EACF8uHCIE/view

Step 2:  Managing Logistics

Now to manage your actual shipment. Assuming you are exporting with volume, then you will need to get an empty container from the shipyard, bring it to your warehouse, fill it up- properly (you don’t want to damage your goods in transit), move it back to your carrier’s warehouse or freight station for loading. Depending on your agreement with your customer, you may need to continue monitoring and managing the logistics up to the point of destination which entail many steps as well.



Simply put, we do all the steps for you. And we do it properly and ethically, so you don’t run into any issues later on. You can leave it to Klyde’s Int’l Logistics Inc (KILI) to get your products from point A to point B.

  • Book shipment with carriers and partner international agents.
  • Positioning of empty container at shipper’s designated warehouse.
  • Arranging withdrawal of the empty container from the shipping line’s container yard (CY).
  • Perform stuffing arrangement as required by the shipper.
  • Scheduling of delivery of the loaded container; for LCL cargo, we arrange pick-up and delivery to the carrier’s container freight station or warehouse.
  • Preparation and submission of pro-forma booking/s with international carriers of shipper’s choice.
  • Processing of export declaration (ED) or export license with the bank and Philippine Bureau of Customs.
  • Assist in arranging cost-efficient freight rates from different shipping lines or airlines.
  • Monitoring of cargo from port of origin to port of destination.

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