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Importing to the Philippines

Importing to the Philippines can be broken down into 2 Components. This is aside from contacting your supplier, choosing your commodity, and of course payment. Grouping the processes involved in importing to the Philippines, makes it more manageable and doable.

Step 1: Documentation

Securing import accreditation and permits for your commodity. The permits required may differ from product to product, depending on the commodity you are importing. For a list of requirements for importation, you can check this link

Now that we are done with the necessary permits, the next would be all the clearances.  Again this is dependent of your product. You can refer to the link above for the additional requirements, however for the custom clearance procedures you can refer to this pdf from

Step 2: Managing Logistics

Now to manage your actual shipment. This would mean booking and monitoring of your cargo from the point of origin to the destination, including any stop-overs if any. When it arrives to the port of destination, customs clearance must be made before moving your shipment from the port to the designated warehouse or final place of distribution. This may involve additional steps depending on the location of final delivery.



Simply put, we do all the steps for you. And we do it properly and ethically, so you don’t run into any issues later on. You can leave it to Klyde’s Int’l Logistics Inc (KILI) to get your products from point A to point B.

  • Acquire rates from carriers for the importers’ final costing.
  • Book shipment with carriers and partner international agents.
  • Monitoring of cargo from port of origin to port of destination.
  • Surrender documents to the shipping line, air lines, or co-loaders for the early release of cargo/es.
  • Assist importers in the preparation of import entry declaration (IED) and documents necessary in opening the letter/s of credit.
  • Preparing all related documents for Broker’s turnover for the processing & clearance with Philippines Bureau of Customs (BOC).
  • We also cater Terminal Release (TR) for air freight shipments.

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We handle each Cargo as fragile as Genuine Crystal.